Treatments of Calluses, Corns and ‘Seed corns’

Calluses, corns and ‘seed corns’ are hardened layers of skin that can occur on the feet and toes when they become a subject to excessive friction and pressure. Calluses and corns are often painful. But this foot problem can be treated quite easily.

Treatments available:

Your podiatrist can undoubtedly provide you with the help you need to treat these three pathologies:

  • Ablation: This is a procedure performed by a podiatrist that aims to reduce the size of the horn or partridge’s eye with a sharp and / or rotating instrument. NEVER ATTEMPT such an operation at home.
  • Wearing plantar orthotics or orthopedic insoles: This helps reduce pressure on the foot and toes and corrects the posture of your feet.
  • Toe straightening is a surgical procedure to correct a hallux valgus or straighten the toes.
  • Wearing orthoplasty. Toe orthotics protect a toe in conflict with the neighboring toe to prevent rubbing against each other.