Plantar Wart Treatments

A plantar wart is a benign, rough skin growth caused by a viral infection, the human papillomavirus, or HPV. Despite its harmlessness, plantar wart can be contagious.

Medical Treatments

The podiatrist can use various treatments for plantar warts:

  • Cryotherapy, which consists of burning the lesion by the local application of nitrogen;
  • The carbon dioxide laser (CO2), it allows the destruction of warts thanks to a laser beam. This is the most effective treatment.
  • Bleormycin sulfate by intradermal injections.

Home treatments

There are many plantar warts treatments available on the market such as salicylic acid and monochloroacetic acid.

In order to avoid any complications due to plantar warts, we strongly advise against following any treatment at home before having consulted a dermatologist or a podiatrist who will establish the correct diagnosis of your medical condition and will then advise you on the best treatment for you. to be continued.