Nail Fungus Treatments 

Nail fungus (onychomycosis) is an infection of the nail usually caused by microscopic fungi, the dermatophyte, or most commonly Candida-like parapsilosis. Onychomycosis mainly occurs on the toenails, but it can also affect the hands. At the onset of the disease, a yellowish spot appears mainly on one edge of the nail of the big toe and then it will invade the entire nail. Over time, it can even take off and fall. This pathology then requires specific and rigorous treatment for several months.

What are the treatments for nail fungus?

Several treatments for nail fungus are available:

  • Antifungal treatment as an ointment, varnish or orally under medical prescription.
  • Natural treatments after consultation with a specialist or podiatrist.
  • In extreme cases, surgical removal of the nail is essential

Why should I see a podiatrist for nail fungus?

The podiatrist can:

  • ensure the best possible care of your feet and nails;
  • prescribe an antifungal treatment or any other treatment suited to your case.