Flat Foot Treatments 

Flat feet are a common disorder in babies and young children due to the softness of the foot tissues that hold the joints together. The internal longitudinal plantar arch collapses causing changes in the architecture of the foot. The heel is pushed out and it is deprived of its heel support. The forefoot is tilted out and the foot sags. Pain in the feet or joints is felt when standing.

The deformities can be reducible up to the age of 11. Around 12 or 13 years old, painful muscle contractures can appear and between 16 and 18 years old the deformities become irreducible.

Are there any treatments for flat feet?

There are many treatments available depending on a person’s age and the severity of flat feet.

In general, no treatment is justified before the age of 4 years because of the possibility of spontaneous recovery. However, rehabilitation of the sole of the foot may be recommended.

At the end of growth, in addition to wearing shoes and orthopedic insoles or plantar orthotics, corrective surgery may be recommended.