Treatment of Bunion on the Foot 

Hallux valgus, or bunion on the foot, is an abnormal deviation of the big toe toward the second toe, or outward. The bone called “first metatarsal” moves away from the big toe, inwardly of the foot, and the joint between the metatarsal and the first phalanx of the big toe forms a bump on the inner edge of the front. foot. In its advanced stage, hallux valgus is often painful. Hallux valgus affects women more than men.

Hallux valgus is easily recognized as it can be seen with the naked eye. However, an x-ray of the foot is still necessary in order to assess the degree of deviation of the toe.

How to treat hallux valgus?

Your podiatrist can prescribe:

  • orthotics to straighten the big toe;
  • stretching exercises or foot massages;
  • therapeutic shoes;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or pain relievers.

However, these treatments do not correct hallux valgus but limit its aggravation.