Athlete’s Foot Treatments 

Athlete’s foot, also called tinea pedis or dermatophytosis, is a very contagious skin infection of the foot, very widespread and caused by fungi of the trichophyton type. It usually affects the skin between the toes and is favored by moisture. Redness appears in the folds, then the skin dries and peels.

Athlete’s foot requires a medical consultation because, if left untreated, it can progress and affect the soles of the feet or even the hands and nails.


Common symptoms of athlete’s foot


Athlete’s foot treatment in Montreal as well as the symptoms depend on the type of athlete’s foot one has. The most common types and their visible symptoms include:

Toe web infection – This condition infects the skin between the fourth and pinkie toe resulting in cracking, peeling, or flaking of the skin. In some cases, skin discoloration is also noticeable.
Moccasin-like infection – The bottom surface of the feet thickens and cracks in this condition and may also affect the toenails. This infection largely affects the bottom, heels, and edges of the heels.
Ulcerative infection – This is a rare infection that can be painful and highly discomforting. One can see open sores between the toes as well as on the feet’ bottom areas.
Vesicular infection – Typically infects the bottom feet surface, these feature bumps and blisters that may appear anywhere on the feet.

Once your podiatrist has confirmed the diagnosis of athlete’s foot, he will prescribe a treatment adapted to your situation:

● Topical antifungal treatment in the form of a cream, lotion, aerosol or powder,
● If topical treatment is ineffective, antifungal medication therapy is often prescribed.

Athlete’s foot can be very stubborn and is highly contagious. Hence, if you are experiencing any symptoms that may be indicative of this condition, consult a Podiatrist right away. Book an appointment with Union Podiatre to get the best Athlete’s foot treatment in Canada.