We aim to keep your feet healthy. From athletic injuries to complications arising from chronic conditions, the experts in our podiatric clinic (clinique podiatrique) handle them all. We also treat urgent podiatric issues.Get in touch with us for your foot problems, and we will have you up and running in no time!


Bunion Pain


Diabetic Foot Care


Foot and Ankle Pains


Pediatric Podiatry


Toenail Pathology


Heel Pain


At Union Podiatrie, we provide our patients with the most advanced care. Our focus is on providing the least invasive treatment whenever possible.We employ cutting-edge technologies in our podiatric clinic (clinique podiatrique) in order to diagnose and treat issues most effectively. The digital X-ray machine minimizes radiation exposure, and the motion capture cameras in the gait analysis lab identify biomechanical issues, if any.


We understand that foot problems are hardly ever standalone issues. That is why we have built a multidisciplinary team. We have specialist podiatrists, orthopedists, endocrinologists, and allergists in our Podiatry Clinic (clinique de podiatrie).

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